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Fitness Solutions’ knotted climbing rope features a high-grade steel clamp system and knots spaced every 16” so beginners can learn how to climb rope safely and avoid rope burn. One of the most efficient tools to enhance total body fitness and build power, rope climbs help climbers of all levels take their fitness to new heights.

This super high strength knotted climbing rope is sealed at the end and features a high-grade steel clamp system.

  • Constructed from Grade A Manila fibers
  • High-grade steel clamp system
  • Extended handles with 3M™ Military Grade heat shrink caps
  • Knots spaced every 16”
  • Weather resistant and water proof
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use 
  • Hand-crafted in the United States
  • 1.5” diameter
  • Rope lengths begin at 10’ and go up to 50’


Warning! Rope climbing is inherently dangerous.

Upon purchase and/or use of Climbing Rope, user/buyer is advised of inherent danger of rope climbing and the need for safety equipment (multiple pads beneath rope to reduce fall impact/injury) and shall absolve Fitness Solutions LLC from any and all claims made while using Fitness Solutions LLC brand of climbing ropes.

Fitness Solution's US-made braided Manila knotted climbing ropes are super lasting and have gained its place as the #1 knotted climbing ropes used in the military bases and yards, Cross-Training gyms, musical training, gymnasium, rock climbing gyms, mountaineering clubs and even in football activities. They're available in 5 varying lengths.

Manila Knotted Climbing Rope Specs

Made in USA - Yes

Varying Rope Lengths - 6, 15, 20, 25 & 30

Twisted eyelet - No mounting bracket is needed

Diameter - 1.5

Color - Natural type - Manila


Here are a few things to avoid to maximize your climbing ropes;

● Don't overload the climbing rope.

● Avoid the use of chemicals around it to ensure a lengthy working life span.

● The user determines the safe use of climbing ropes.

● Don't assume any information about the climbing rope. Be accurate!

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