FS Black Training Bumper Plates

FS Black Training Bumper Plates

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Fitness Solutions Provides a professional grade bumper plate suitable for any environment. We use a pure premium rubber to provide a minimal bounce plate and smooth surface. We press every plate with heat strengthen stainless steel insert to withstand hundreds of drops.

Plate Specifications

| Facts Plate Diameter

| 17.7 inches Standard Size Collar Inside Diameter

| 1.98 inches Standard Size Material

| Pure Rubber Low Bounce Collar

| Heat Strengthen Stainless Steel insert

FS Bumper Plate Specs

BrandFitness Solutions
Engineered In USAYes
Bumper MaterialHeavy Duty Virgin Rubber
Bumper StyleCompetition
Center RingSteel Chrome
Edge Grip
Beveled Edge

Durability Rating




Center Ring

  • 98% High Approval Rate Nationwide
  • Built from the best materials
  • Drop test, stress test, you name it. Quality checked to ensure satisfaction
  • Engineered in the USA

All Around Best Material

Rubber Bumper Plates can be used for a plethora of workouts. From benching, deadlifts and Olympic lifts, Rubber Bumpers can do them all.

Virgin Rubber Material

Designed with Virgin Rubber, FS Rubber Bumper Plates provide a smooth workout. Because we use Virgin Rubber, our Bumper Plates provide maximum durability with a low bounce. Unlike other Rubber Bumpers, our Virgin Rubber Bumpers are odorless contrary to other bumpers.

Creating Our Rubber Bumpers

Starting with the best materials is essential. We chose Virgin Rubber because quality matters when you designing a product that lasts. Molding the rubber in the classic shape you know we put the bumpers through a rigorous stress test ensuring you get the best.

Precision Steel Inserts

Having a center ring that isn't flush can be a detriment to your lifting. You don't want rattling and you want your weights to fit snug on your Barbell. Our Bumper are quality checked to ensure there is no rattling giving you the best workout.

Low Bounce

Not all bumpers are made equally. With Olympic Lifting becoming more and more popular you need a Bumper Plate with a low bounce. Safety is essential when performing this tough lift.

Intellectual Shape

Designed and machined to fit perfectly on any Standard 2in Olympic Barbell. Machine fitting provides excellent fitment so there is no slop on the bar when using these plates.

Comepetition Properties

Perfect for dropping. These high density Bumper Plates provide excellent sound deadening properties to ensure a nice and quiet workout. The high density rubber provides excellent durability for the long haul.