Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The Octane Q35x Elliptical Cross Trainer offers the outstanding quality, performance features and value that Octane Fitness is known for. The Q35x Elliptical has the fluid, comfortable motion that has been perfected by Octane, along with Octane's signature workout boosters - X-mode, GluteKicker and Armblaster.

The Octane Q35x Elliptical Cross Trainer integrates more upper-body movement with a longer range of motion, for a full-body workout and higher caloric burn. This range of motion does not only engage your upper body, but it has been designed to be a smooth fluid motion, for a comfortable workout.

Just as with the upper body design, Octane has designed an extraordinarily comfortable leg workout based on the body's natural movement while running. This fluid motion, along with the close proximity of the pedals, keeps the body aligned and comfortable, decreasing the stress on joints and the pressure on the lower back regardless of direction. The extreme comfort of the full-body workout makes the Octane Q35x Elliptical Cross Trainer ideal for users of all levels.


Octane Fitness is dedicated to creating the best Elliptical Trainers in the industry, pairing unparalleled elliptical design with strength training through CROSS CiRCUIT. The Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Trainer provides a total-body cardio workout with the option to add Octane's signature Powerbands at the base. The CROSS CiRCUIT option is a great way to add strength training into your fitness regimen and keep workouts fun and challenging.