Home Gyms

Get a full body workout from a quality home gym. Shop home gyms with leg press options, smith attachments or get a gym with everything! We sell functional trainers, lat pull down machines, smith machines and complete total body gyms for you to choose from.

People also ask

Does Sparks Assemble and Install home gyms?

Yes, Sparks has an in-house assembly and installation crew that is responsible for ensuring your gym is properly assembled according to the manufacturers specifications. Sparks delivery crew work fast and are experienced so you don't have to worry about your floors or walls getting scratched while they bring the gym in your home. The crew also takes all the refrigerator sized trash/packaging, pallet materials with them after install is complete, which is a plus because even if I break it down the packaging still doesn't fit in my trash bins.

Where can I test home gyms out?

You can test home gyms out at a Sparks Fitness retail store, they have a store in Sparks, Nevada and a store in Addison, Texas. For store hours and info scroll to the bottom of this page.

Who can benefit from a home gym?

Apart from the convenience of having a gym at your home these groups tend to benefit from a home gym: -Prefer working out at home. -Want to save floor space for other exercises or equipment. -Find themselves short on time. -Need to improve overall strength.

What is a home gym?

There are many types of home gyms. There are gyms that are called all-in-one's that generally include a press arm for bench press and rows, a lat pull down bar for pull up type exercises and a leg extension for leg strength and toning. There are also machines called cable machines that have adjustable weight stacks and the cables can be adjusted to any position you want for performing exercises.