Commercial Half Rack with Plate Storage

Commercial Half Rack with Plate Storage
Commercial Half Rack with Plate Storage

Commercial Half Rack with Plate Storage

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The FS Commercial Half Rack with Plate Storage convinces by an excellent workmanship and its very good equipment. The squat rack is made of sturdy frame and is extremely loadable and stable. The U-shaped ring makes it also possible to attach a TRX suspension trainer for more exercises within the rack.Stable & heavy frame: high loadability and durability as well as Chin-up bars and rock grips for back (and hanging ab crunches)  

Pull-ups? Squats? Bench Presses? The Commercial Half Rack with Plate Storage from Fitness Solutions has got you covered. This half-rack will assist you in improving your fitness and helping you develop a toned and impressive physique. Impressive construction The craft on this rack is utterly impressive. It is made of a sturdy frame that ensures that loading does not unbalance it. The half-rack provides adjustable bar hooks that ensure you are in control and allows you to train as long as possible. Merely seeing how durable and well-constructed this half-rack appears is enough motivation! Comes with a pull-up bar Pull-ups, or as others call them, chin-ups, are some of the most beneficial exercises in building your body. It improves your strength and endurance. The Commercial Half Rack with Plate Storage comes with in-built multi grip chrome finished chin-up bar handles. This allows you to workout extensively without having to mount another pull up bar against the wall or investing in different equipment. U-shaped Frame By incorporating a U-shaped frame, it is possible to use the rack in innovative ways. Mainly attaching a TRX suspension strap, brings a vareity of workouts within your rack.  While working out, you do not have to worry about where to place the plates. The half-rack offers plate holder pins and plate storage. Why you should get the Commercial Half Rack with Plate Storage: • To improve your muscular strength and endurance • To develop and good physique and posture   Product Specs Brand: Fitness Solutions  Condition: New