Apollo AR Black Indoor Rower

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If you are looking to rapidly improve cardio fitness and strength you will appreciate the range of water resistance offered by the Apollo AR Black Indoor Rower. This water rower features the highest quality, hand lacquered American Ash with the strength and integrity of a steel frame, and a multi-level computer with USB connectivity to motivate movement and monitor progress. Designed with FDF’s patented water resistance rowing technology to emulate the sight, sound and feel of on-water rowing, you will appreciate the consistency of resistance throughout the entire stroke and ease of changing levels mid-workout. Powered by a triple bladed impeller, this indoor rower is incredibly quiet with a smooth action. Perfect for all fitness levels, this indoor water resistance rower is easy to transport and stores compactly on its end. You won’t find a better combination of design, value and performance – once you go black you won’t go back.