Body Craft T3 Total Training Tower

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The BODYCRAFT T3 certainly is a Total Training Tower. You can work every muscle in your body using over 100 various exercises. Perfect for the beginner and able to progress with your increasing fitness level, you will never outgrow the T3.

  • Bodyweight training
  • Functional training
  • Core training
  • Stability ball training
  • Power band training


T3 Accessories Include:

  • Exercise Poster 
  • 3 Sets of progressive resistance Power Bands 
  • 55 cm anti-burst Stability Ball 
  • Adjustable Hanging Ab Slings 

Bodyweight Training

  • Pull ups- complete chin bar allows for every hand grips position 
  • Dips- comfortable, oversized dip handles are angled for variety of workout positions 
  • Push Ups- comfortable, oversized push up handles 
  • Reverse Dips- using the lower set of push up handles, feet on the floor, or on the stability ball 
  • Reverse Hyperextensions- using the stability ball in its holder 
  • And more 

Core Training

  • Hanging Knee Raises- extra wide Ab Slings are adjustable up & down, and front-to-back for your comfort and ability level 
  • Self-Supported Knee Raises- perform Leg Raises while supporting yourself on the Dip Handles 
  • Oblique Raises- Dip Handles fold up so you can raise your knees to the side, or twist 
  • Planks- at a variety of angles using different combinations of Stability Ball and Lower Handles 
  • Stability Ball Crunches- remove the 55 cm anti-burst Stability Ball from its Holder 
  • Oblique Twists with Power Band- attach a Power Band to the mid-hook Twists and Wood Chops
  • And more 

Stability Ball Training

  • Trunk curls, back extensions, reverse curls, squats against a wall, and more 

Power Band Training

  • Pressing and pulling exercises at any angle, leg lifts, extensions, curls and more 


  • Construction: Heavy Duty Gauge Frame 
  • Dimensions: CLICK HERE for Dimensions PDF. 47” L x 45" W x 83" H
  • Unit Weight: 114lbs 
  • Built-in: mounting holes to secure to floor 

Ab Slings

  • Padded and adjustable for comfortable support 
  • Adjustable both in height and front-to-back to fit your body and fit level 

Stability Ball:

  • Anti-Burst, 55cm 

Power Bands

  • Top quality Latex 
  • Three sets with incrementally higher resistance 


  • Light Commercial Warranty* 
  • 10 Years Frame 
  • 2 Years Parts 
  • 90 Days Power Bands, Stability Ball, Ab Slings 
  • Residential Warranty* 
  • Lifetime Frame (lifetime of original owner) 
  • Lifetime Parts 
  • 90 Days Power Bands 
  • 1 Year Stability Ball 

    *Warranty applies to defects in materials and workmanship of original owner only. Does not apply to normal wear and tear. See manual for details.