Bodyguard T-45 Treadmill

Bodyguard T-45 Treadmill
Bodyguard T-45 Treadmill
Bodyguard T-45 Treadmill
Bodyguard T-45 Treadmill

Bodyguard T-45 Treadmill

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This award-winning model combines all the performance, reliability and space-saving features of the T-45 with customizable dynamic programming and takes it to the next level.


Exercise Area22” x 56” / 56 cm x 142 cm
Walking Belt TypeCommercial Ortho
Shock AbsorptionBodyguard Dissipation System
Step-Up Height7.25” / 18 cm
Side HandrailsShort Looped (Optional Long)
Main KeypadSilicone Keys
Drive Motor3 HP (3600 RPM)
FrameSteel X-Frame
Adjustable Pivoting FeetYes
Deck1” / 2.5 cm thick | 4-way “Flip & Rotate”
Rollers2.5” / 6.35 cm diameter - Crowned



Monitors the treadmill’s performance and warns the user when friction levels between the belt and deck are elevated.

A longer lasting running deck – simply flip and rotate as required.

The soft-touch Silicone Keys are the most responsive and durable in the industry.

Faster and more accurate contact heart rate readouts shaped in a natural hand resting position.

BDS is a unique visco-elastic polymer recognized as one of the finest cushioning materials available.

ESC is a natural motion system that provides the closest feel to outdoor running by maintaining the correct belt speed on any incline.



Reap the benefits of anaerobic exercise by replicating high acceleration interval workouts.


Update the console software with the latest programs and features and use to recharge compatible personal electronics.


Maximizes shock absorption and increases user comfort with whisper quiet performance.

The fully welded steel X-Frame provides increased stability by minimizing frame torsion.

Secure and comfortable for all users thanks to the ergonomic design.

Take the guess work out of your training and exercise at the exact intensity your body desires.


Custom set two personal preset speeds to simplify changes during exercise.

Improved leveling on uneven floors while maximizing stability when on an incline.

All the benefits of a heavy-duty platform frame in a space efficient footprint.



The T-45 console features a 6.5" blue L.C.D. with a 20 x 13 block profile surrounded by information windows showing the parameters of the exercise under way and a 16 character alphanumeric message center at the bottom of the screen that scrolls information during and after a workout.

It also includes a range of advanced user functions including customizable quick keys as well as a built-in wireless heart rate receiver that displays the pulse being transmitted from compatible 5kHz heart rate chest straps in range. (Note: chest strap not included)

The main keypad has eight keys made from durable silicone that will not crack over time and the console also includes a USB port for software upgrades and a convenient reading rack/device holder.

ALPHANUMERIC MESSAGE CENTER: Situated below the profile the 16-character alphanumeric message center shows menu information, workout parameters during and after a workout as well as maintenance and error data when necessary.

COOL DOWN KEY: Press this key to begin a cool-down period on compatible programs.

INCREASE/DECREASE INCLINE KEYS: Pressing these keys allows you to modify the angle of the walking belt during the exercise. If you continuously hold down a key, the incline display will gradually change (0.5% at a time). Release the key when you have selected your desired exercise incline. The incline of the treadmill will slowly change. On the display, the desired incline will flash until it has been attained. These keys also allow you to select the parameters prior to each exercise and act as scrolling keys in various menus.

INCREASE/DECREASE SPEED KEYS: Pressing these keys allows you to modify the speed of the walking belt during the exercise. If you continuously hold down a key, the speed display will gradually change (0.1 km/h or 0.1 mph at a time). Release the key when you have selected your desired exercise speed. The treadmill belt will slowly change to reach the speed you want. On the display, the desired speed will flash until it has been attained. These keys also allow you to select the programs and parameters prior to each exercise and act as scrolling keys in various menus.

iTEK KEY: This key has different functions depending on the operational stage of the equipment. When at the HOME SCREEN, press the iTEK key once to access the SETTINGS MENU. Press and hold the iTEK key for 3 seconds to access the DIAGNOSTICS MENU. When in a general menu, pressing the iTEK key acts as a Home Key and cancels all data and returns to the HOME SCREEN. During a workout, press the iTEK key to scroll through various equipment performance statistics.

JUSTGO (ENTER) KEY: This key has different functions depending on the operational stage of the equipment. When at the HOME SCREEN, press the green JUSTGO key to start a JustGo workout without inputting any parameters. Once the 3, 2, 1 workout countdown has begun, press the JUSTGO key to skip the countdown and begin the program. When using the menu system, press the JUSTGO (ENTER) key to select a menu and save data. During a workout, press the JUSTGO key to toggle the profile being display between speed & incline.

MAIN KEYPAD: The Main Keypad is a group of the most used operational keys. The keys on the Main Keypad are made of silicone, as it is a more durable material able to withstand heavy use.

PRESET SPEED KEYS - A & B: These keys are similar to the Quick Speed Keys in that they allow you to quickly change the walking belt speed. However, as opposed to the Quick Speed Keys, whose values cannot be changed, the Preset Speed Keys are customizable, allowing you to store any speed value (e.g. 3.6) and changing it anytime you like. This is especially interesting for users who wish to alternate between two preset speeds (such as in Manual Interval training) and eliminates the annoyance of having to hold down or repeatedly press the Increase/Decrease Speed buttons mid-exercise when trying to reach a target speed. To store a speed value to a Preset Speed Key, simply run the treadmill at the desired speed and then press and hold down the Preset Speed Keys for 1 second until you hear a beep. If a User ID is selected while completing this process, the value will be saved to that User ID to use the next time they log in. If there is no User ID selected, the values will be cleared from the memory after the workout ends.

PROFILE DISPLAY: During a workout, you can change the profile being displayed from a speed graphic profile (default) to an incline graphic profile by pressing the JUSTGO key. To have the speed and incline profiles alternate continuously, press and hold the JUSTGO key for 3 seconds when the workout parameters are scrolling in the alphanumeric screen (not when iTek stats are scrolling). To return to speed or incline mode, press the JUSTGO key one more time.

PROGRAM CATEGORY KEYS: These 3 keys allow you to quickly access the program category of your choice. From left to right the 1st button leads you to a series of Basic Programs; the 2nd leads you to the Cardio Programs (Programs that require a heart rate chest strap) and the 3rd key on the right leads you to Advanced Programs which include the Memory and Custom Programs. Once a program category key is pressed you will see the first program in that program category’s list and to scroll though the list you may press the same category key again or the INCREASE/DECREASE SPEED or INCLINE keys.

QUICK INCLINE KEYS: These keys allow you to quickly modify the incline of the platform during an exercise to a preset value without having to use the INCREASE/DECREASE INCLINE keys.

QUICK SPEED KEYS: These keys allow you to quickly modify the speed of the walking belt during an exercise without having to use the INCREASE/DECREASE SPEED keys. Once a quick speed button has been pressed the ENTER key must be pressed to confirm the selection.

READING RACK & DEVICE HOLDER: Designed to safely hold most magazines, small books and devices such as mobile phones, music players and tablets.

SAFETY KEY: The safety key must be inserted into the appropriate slot in the console for the treadmill to be functional. For security purposes, make sure to attach the safety key clip to your clothes prior to starting an exercise.

STATS KEY: Each User ID saves cumulative statistics to their personal data file. The STATS key allows the current User ID to view their total cumulative statistics from the HOME SCREEN. If no User ID has been selected the key will be inactive.

STOP (PAUSE) KEY: This key has different functions depending on the operational stage of the equipment. When using the menu system, press the STOP key to go back in the menu system or cancel a function. During a workout, press the red STOP key to bring the walking belt to a stop and place the program into a pause mode. Press the STOP key again during the PAUSE mode to end the current program and the treadmill will be reset.

USB PORT: The USB Port can be used for software updates and charging of compatible devices.

USER ID KEY: This key accesses the User ID menu from the HOME SCREEN. In the User ID menu you may select, create, edit or delete a User ID. You may scroll through the sub-menus by continually pressing the USER ID key or by pressing the USER ID key once and then by pressing one of the INCREASE/DECREASE SPEED keys followed by the ENTER key on your desired choice.

WORKOUT PARAMETERS: Workout parameters are displayed on the L.C.D. in designated areas surrounding the profile or in the alphanumeric screen. Some windows automatically toggle the parameters being displayed every few seconds.


CALORIES: Indicates an estimation of your total caloric expenditure from the start of the workout. This parameter displays an evaluation of the real values of your exercise. The evaluations are based on formal information, tests and are supported by specialists and physicians.

: Indicates your hourly caloric expenditure based on your weight input and actual exercise intensity level.

DISTANCE: Displays the total distance in miles or kilometers from the start of the workout, ranging from 0.00 to 99.99 miles or 0.00 to 99.99 km.

ELAPSED TIME: Indicates the amount of time accumulated from the start of any program. The time will range from 0 to a maximum of 6 hours during the JustGo program and from 0 to 99 minutes during all other time-based programs.

: At the end of a workout, the average speed is displayed for the entire workout.

The elevation change is displayed both during the program and in the Workout Summary at the end of the workout. It indicates the change in elevation during the workout. If no incline is used during the exercise, the value will be either 0 feet (Imperial) or 0 meters (Metric). If the user uses a negative value during the exercise (-3% incline for example), the negative value will be subtracted from any positive values. (e.g. if 50% of the workout is completed at 3% incline and 50% is completed at -3% incline then the elevation change will be 0.)

GOAL %: Indicates the percentage of your goal achieved.

GOAL REMAINING (TIME, DISTANCE or CALORIES):Indicates the amount of the pre-set goal left in the workout. The parameter shown depends on the selected goal.

SEGMENT DURATION (TIME, DISTANCE or CALORIES):Indicates the portion of the goal remaining during the current segment. The parameter shown depends on the selected goal. Note: Each segment is equal to one-twentieth (1/20) of the total goal and is represented by one block on the profile with a flashing block indicating the current segment.

HEART RATE: Displays the current heart rate (pulse) transmitted by either a chest strap or by the hands on the contact heart rate bars (at less than 4mph (6.4kmh)) if a chest strap is not being used. The heart rate is displayed in beats per minute (BPM).

INCLINE: Displays the slope of the walking belt in terms of percentage where one percent (1%) slope is equal to one foot (or one meter) climbed for every 100 feet (or 100 meters) covered. The incline range is from 0% to 15%.

MAXIMUM HEART RATE %: Displays the current BPM (beats per minute) percentage in relation to the user’s maximum BPM. If you are wearing a chest strap and are exercising in a Heart Rate program, the maximum heart rate % will be automatically displayed.

METS: Indicates the ratio of working metabolism over the resting metabolism.

PACE: Indicates how long it will take to complete one mile or one kilometer at your current speed. Pace per mile or kilometer is shown in minutes and seconds.

SPEED: Indicates speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour. The speed range is from 0.5 to 12 mph (0.8 to 19.2 km/h) and can be changed in increments of 0.1 mph or km/h.

TARGET BPM: Shows your target heart rate in beats per minute during any Cardio programs.

TIME IN ZONE (TIZ): This parameter shows the amount of time a user exercised within the targeted heart rate zone during a Heart Rate Control program. If, for example, the user chooses to workout in the Fat Burning Zone, the total amount of workout time spent in that zone will be displayed during and at the end of the workout.

TOTAL DISTANCE: At the end of a workout, the total distance traveled is displayed.

TOTAL EXERCISE TIME: At the end of a workout, the total length of the exercise in minutes and seconds is displayed.



User Weight Capacity400 lbs / 181 kg
Product Weight272 lbs / 124 kg
Box Weight324 lbs / 147 kg
Product Dims. (L x W X H)74” x 30” x 54” / 188 x 76 x 137 cm
Box Dims. (L x W X H)81” x 32” x 15” / 206 x 81 x 38 cm


Parts10 Years
Labor3 Years


Max. Avg. Daily Usage3 hours per day
Parts3 Years
Labor1 Year
CertificationsETL, CSA, UL
Interference Standards ComplianceFCC + ICES-003