Lifespan C3-DT7 Bike Desk

Lifespan C3-DT7 Bike Desk
Lifespan C3-DT7 Bike Desk
Lifespan C3-DT7 Bike Desk
Lifespan C3-DT7 Bike Desk
Lifespan C3-DT7 Bike Desk
Lifespan C3-DT7 Bike Desk

Lifespan C3-DT7 Bike Desk

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Build & Tune

Pedal your way to better fitness and health while you work. The C3-DT7 bicycle desk pairs our office bike with our electric-height exercise desk bringing pedaling into the communal work space. The console is integrated directly in the armrest showing readouts for workout time, pedal revolutions, distance, calories and speed. The bike is completely silent and uses little electricity, making it office friendly. If your company is looking to bring pedaling into the workplace, the C3-DT7 is the way to go.




  • Electric Height Adjustment from 40” to 53” 
  • 2 Desktop Widths — 38” or 48” 
  • Integrated Padded Armrest 

Taking multiple users into consideration, the electric-height desk adjusts from 40” to 53”, letting you or your employees find the perfect ergonomic fit. The standard 38” wide desktop provides ample working area, with the 48” wide options available for added space or those wishing to use dual monitors. The console is conveniently integrated into the center of the armrest, giving you full control without taking away desk space.


  • Quiet Operation 
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Supports Users 5'0" to 6'8" 

Thanks to its silent operation, you can quietly pedal at your exercise desk as hard as you’d like without disturbing coworkers. Low energy consumption won’t be felt on electric bills and the 19 height-adjustable seat positions guarantee a perfect fit for nearly anyone.


  • 19 Height Settings 
  • Supports Users 5'0" to 6'8" Tall 
  • Universal-Fit Bike Seat 

The bike’s seat is cushioned for comfort and has 19 height adjustment settings, ensuring a perfect fit for hours of pedaling. Wellness is in reach for nearly every employee, with heights ranging from 36.5" up to 46.5”, supporting users between 5'0" to 6'8" tall.


  • Commercial Warranty 
  • 400-Pound User Rating 

Crafted with high quality, durable components, the C3-DT7 desk stationary bike excites with both its impressive look and solid feel. The bicycle desk comes with a robust commercial warranty so you pedal with confidence, keeping your focus on your task at hand.


  • A Graphed Overview of Revolutions, Distance, Calories and Intensity 
  • Apple Health and Google Fit Enabled 
  • Social Media Integration via Facebook and Twitter 

Experience tells us users stay motivated when they are able to set goals and easily track their progress. Recent improvements in Bluetooth technology allowed us to build our best app experience ever. Simply hover your smartphone over the bike desk console to upload your data. That’s it. The data syncs effortlessly. Plus, this feature is free for everyone. Simply download the Active Trac app from the app store and track your progress.


Console ReadoutsWorkout time, pedal revolutions, calories, distance, and speed
BluetoothWirelessly sync your activity data to an iPhone or Android smartphone using LifeSpan's free Active Trac app to track your progress over time.