Core Health and Fitness 8TRX TREADMILL

Core Health and Fitness 8TRX TREADMILL

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*Build & Tune: Our in-house technicians will deliver your treadmill in the room of your choice, fully assembled and tested. The technicians will take all the packaging materials with them upon completion of the Build & Tune Delivery.

When designing the new 8TRx, we started with the most solid foundation you could have, more than 20 years of treadmill superiority. And while most would have been content in making subtle improvements to an already proven design, we set out to create the ultimate marriage of user experience, benefits, desires and features ever put under foot. The result is our best treadmill ever. The 8TRx offers standard quick key controls, enabling users to quickly adjust speed and incline with a single button push. With conveniently close Hot Bar® controls, patented deck suspension system and increased incline specs, the 8TRx has all the features and design elements users have longed for. Length: 85 in (215 cm) Width: 36 in (91 cm) Height: 60 in (152 cm) User Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg) Product Weight: 447 lbs (203 kg) SKUs: 9-9201-8TRX-110-LCDQ 9-9201-8TRX-110-LCDQ-KM 9-9204-8TRX-220CE-LCDQ-MI 9-9204-8TRX-220CE-LCDQ-KM 9-9202-8TRX-220UL-LCDQ 9-9202-8TRX-220UL-LCDQ-KM 9-9201-8TRX-110-15-ATSC 9-9202-8TRX-220UL-15-ISDB-DMB 9-9204-8TRX-220CE-15-PAL 9-9204-8TRX-220CE-15-ISDB-DMB 9-9202-8TRX-220UL-15-ATSC 9-9201-8TRX-110-10 9-9204-8TRX-220CE-10