Landice L8 Series Treadmill

Landice L8 Series Treadmill
Landice L8 Series Treadmill
Landice L8 Series Treadmill

Landice L8 Series Treadmill

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Industry award-winner Landice developed their L8 Treadmill to give a health-club-quality workout in the privacy of your home. The larger of their two frame sizes, the L8 has an oversized running area for walkers and runners who need a little more space to spread out, but still want an efficient machine that isn't too bulky. "Best Home Treadmill" winner Landiceandnbsp;has been making treadmills for over 40 years, and they've perfected their shock absorption system so that when you run on their treadmills, it's softer and even better for your joints than running on grass. A wide display screen and sturdy design make this treadmill an easy choice for walkers, joggers and serious runners.



4 HP continuous duty drive motor
Cast aluminum side rails and end-caps
1-inch thick reversible deck
Shipping weight: 435 pounds
0.5 to 12.0 mph speed range
500 pound user weight capacity
iPod, iPhone, iPad or MP3 connectivity
Standard VFX shock absorption
1000 pound-thrust elevation motorRust-free aluminum frame
3 1/2" diameter, 22-pound steel rollersFour-ply treadbelt
30-amp motor control electronics35" x 83" footprint
Voltage: 110 VAC, 60Hz, 15AChoice of four control panels
15% grade electric elevation22" x 63" running area
Integrated reading / accessory rackiPod pocket with Landice PodGrip™
100 decibel stereo speaker systemSafety Lanyard



Soft styling enables the L8 treadmill to blend into any environment, but don't be fooled by its refined looks and whisper-quiet operations. The L8 treadmill features a four-horsepower continuous-duty drive motor ranging in speed from 0.5 to 12.0 mph. The rust-free aluminum frame contains a 1-inch thick reversible deck, capable of reaching a 15% elevation.


The Landice Control Center comes standard on the L7 Treadmill. Included is an integrated reading/accessory rack; a personal cooling fan; and a convenient water bottle holder. Check out our additional items that will enhance your workout in the console image.



The Executive Control Panel features a 9” screen and 800x480 graphics capabilities designed to keep you entertained and engaged no matter what level of exercise you do. Navigate intuitively with a touch of the hand. Swipe left, right, up and down to reach various programs, profiles and screens. Tap the home icon and return to the main menu to see all your workout options and settings.


View multiple colorful, motivational screens with customizable exercise statistics to energize your workout.


  • Workout Feedback: Time, Heart Rate, Distance, Calories, Calories/HR, METs, Incline, Speed, Pace, Lap Time, Laps, Clock, Zone Time, Average Pulse, Pulse, Altitude, Climb Rates
  • 5 Road Screens: City, Beach, Desert, Lake, Mountain
  • 1 Track
  • 6 Climbing Landmarks: Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, Seattle Space Needle, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Freedom Tower
  • 5 Built-in: Intermediate, Advanced, Interval, Fat Burn, Endurance
  • 5 User-defined programs (residential models only)
  • 6 Fitness: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Firefighter, Balke
  • 3 Goal Program: Distance, Time, Calories
  • Express Speed and Incline keys
  • 5 Race Programs: ½, Mile, 2 Miles, 5K, 10K
  • 2 Heart Rate Programs: Heart Rate Control, Interval Heart Rate Control
  • 5 Individual User Setups (residential models only)
  • 5 Individual User Heart Rate Control Setups (residential models only)
  • Interactive contact heart rate and wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring system
  • Displays data in English or Metric configurations
  • Bluetooth connectivity


The Cardio Control Panel combines a versatile liquid crystal display (LCD) with a variety of program options, numeric keypad for quick data entry and multiple heart-rate control programs. For veteran runners, it’s the exact prescription needed for precision interval training to lower your 10K time. And it’s equally terrific for just starting out on a walking program or easy jog.


The Cardio control panel features a two-color, easy-to-read, motivational display.


  • Numeric keypad with express speed and incline keys
  • 5 Built-in programs with variable time, speed and elevation
  • 5 User-defined programs
  • Time, distance, and calorie goal programs
  • 3 Fitness tests: Balke, Firefighter, Army
  • 2 Built-in heart-rate monitoring programs
  • 2 User-defined heart-rate monitoring programs
  • Displays data in English or metric configurations
  • Interactive contact heart rate and wireless-chest-strap heart-rate monitoring system
  • Bluetooth connectivity



Landice is the industry leader in treadmill shock absorption. Our VFX Shock Absorption System is based on medical research to provide optimum comfort, smoothness and reliability while reducing the risk of injury. Five-times softer than grass, it is designed for runners and walkers seeking significant impact reduction.


Our exceptional quality starts with our solid, superior aluminum frame which will not rust.