Get Moving. Keep Moving.

  • Footprint supports any stance 
  • Sloped edges encourage movement 

Measuring 29" by 24", the contoured standing desk mat has varying terrain heights ranging from 3” to 0.75” providing angle changes of up to 25 degrees. The varying angles and edges encourage you to move your feet around, re-distributing your body weight throughout the day so no one muscle or joint is overused and fatigued. With the mat, you'll be able to get moving and keep moving without haven't to take your focus off your work to remember to do so.

Rejuvenate Tired Muscles

  • Stretch-out calves 
  • Massage pressure points 

Sure, standing desks are great, they improve posture, increase energy levels, and even reduce your risk of heart disease, however overtime, standing for long hours can tire your feet and legs. The mat's sloped edges let you stretch out your calves and massage pressure points keeping your feet rejuvenated throughout the day. You'll find that you will no longer have any problem standing at your desk all day.


MaterialEasy to clean, no tear/puncture, polyurethane foam
TextureStippled, non-slip surface
Country of OriginChina