OPTP Star Roller Soft White/Gray Marble

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The OPTP STAR ROLLER® is an ideal foam roller for relaxation techniques. The patented ridged design enhances self-massage by alternately compressing and releasing the tissues, as well as enhancing the sensory-motor experience.

Boost the body’s resilience with the OPTP STAR ROLLER®. Unlike traditional round rollers, the STAR ROLLER's ridged surface compresses and releases the tissue, mobilizing connective tissues, rehydrating the fascia and increasing range of motion.

By introducing different pressures and textures, the ridges also increase awareness of how the body moves and feels, promoting efficient and balanced movement. With enhanced stability, this foam roller allows tremendous control over massage and movement techniques.

Constructed of heat-molded, closed-cell foam for durability. Measures 36" x 6".

Choose from soft or firm density.