Soft Plyo Box, 20" X 24" X 30"

Soft Plyo Box, 20" X 24" X 30"

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As great as jumping is for quads and general fitness, beginners and even some experts avoid using Plyo boxes for it. Why? Because of the justified fear of hurting themselves when jumping. Many Plyo boxes are made with metals or wooden edges that can cause injury to the shins.
The Soft Plyo Box from Fitness Solutions solves this problem. These boxes are made of foam and encased in a black cover.

Solid Performance

Although made of foam, you do not have to worry if this box will carry your weight. The box is firm enough to allow you to make your movements and soft enough to prevent pain caused by hitting the shins on the edge. It comes at a height that is comfortable for loads of people.
• Size: 20" x 24" x 30". This means that you can easily stack boxes on each other. There is enough versatility here for when you want to take your jumping exercise up a notch.
• It has a dense foam core for stability with softer foam around the sides for safety. It is made of a vinyl covering that is easy to clean and water-resistant.
• Hook and loop on all four sides. When you want to take your jumping up a notch, stacking the boxes isn't a problem. The hook and loop on all sides fix the boxes in place and prevents slipping.
What sets the FS Soft Plyobox apart:


The dense core in this Plyo foam grants a level of stability you won't find elsewhere. Other plyo foams move around when you jump on them and make you feel like you will fall. Not so with these Plyo boxes!
Reliable shipping
Sparks fitness equipment prides itself on prompt, professional shipping and delivery. The Pylo boxes will be packaged safely and without any damages.

Product Specifications

Brand: FS
Color: Black
Dimensions: 20" x 24" x 30"
Material: Foam with Vinyl cover