Xtreme Monkey 10-6 V2 Free Standing Rig

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The XM 10-6 V2 Free Standing rig is one of the most popular rig configurations you can get. This design allows up to two 4' squat stations and 1 x 6' chin up, suspension training and functional training stations. The add-on on the V2 is the triple cross bar and the safety arms The 11 gauge 3 x3 powder coated finish is built to last. Commercial rated but priced affordably that you would put it in your home. The XM series accommodates over 15 different attachments allowing you to customize your rig system to the ultimate training machine. The XM 10-4V2 includes: 6 x 9’ Upright 2 x 4’ Rectangular Crossbeam 2 x 6’ Rectangular Crossbeam 2 x 4’ Crossbar 4 x 6' Crossbar 3 x 6' Reinforced Crossbar 1 x 6' Triple Cross Bar 1 x Safety Arms 1 x Pair of J Hooks *Full set of hardware included including concrete floor bolts