What makes sparks different?

Sparks Fitness Showroom & Treadmill Delivery Video

This video will walk you through what it's like to visit a Sparks Fitness Showroom and take you through a home delivery from start to finish.


A Unique Shopping Experience:

    Not the same boring and typical fitness shopping experience, Sparks has made a promise to provide customers with an enjoyable and entertaining shopping experience. On a typical day you can expect a great time, every time. If you don’t leave with a smile, we did not do our job properly. Not only do we have the best equipment, but you can expect this when visiting us.

  • Complimentary refreshments for all customers throughout the showroom
  • Aquariums and games for the young ones. PS the kids won't want to leave the showroom because they will be having too much fun.
  • Free parking with easy and tons of spaces right in front of the showroom. Very convenient location next to major Dallas highways.
  • Displays explaining the various uses and functions of the 1,000s of products we carry.
  • Games & Prizes are located throughout the showroom. Ask us about them.
  • Mention the word “Sparky” to your Sparks Associate receive a free gift.

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