What is Sparks?


Not just exceptional. Experts.

Here at Sparks, we have an extraordinary team that is dedicated to providing you the best experience. We don’t just sell fitness equipment, we help connect you to the perfect product that suits your needs.

Always Aim for EXCELLENCE

We work with world-class brands to bring you the best. Being excited and confident in the product you're purchasing is important. We work to ensure you can have peace of mind that Sparks has got your back.

Start Your Journey with Us

Pressure free, that's how people have described our team. Choosing fitness equipment can already be overwhelming, why add on extra pressure from a salesmen. The Sparks team is trained to provide the best pressure free experience so you can feel comfortable throughout your journey with us.

Our Goals


Cardio Equipment

Try out everything from treadmills to spin bikes. In-store our team can help you pick the right cardio piece that suites you.

Strength equipment

From a dumbbell and bench setup, garage gym squat rack to an all-in-one home gyms system, Sparks has got it all.

Flooring & Accessories

Not only do we carry Cardio and Strength equipment, we have everything in-between as well! We'll help set you up with Flooring, Accessories & Attachments. Sparks is the one stop shop for all your Home Gym needs.