Stationary Bikes

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Does Sparks Assemble and Install upright bikes?

Yes, Sparks has an in-house assembly and installation crew that is responsible for ensuring your upright bike is properly assembled according to the manufacturers specifications. Sparks delivery crew work fast and are experienced so you don't have to worry about your floors or walls getting scratched while they bring the upright bike in your home. The crew also takes all the refrigerator sized trash/packaging, pallet materials with them after install is complete, which is a plus because even if I break it down the packaging still doesn't fit in my trash bins.

How do I know this bike fits me? Do I buy in-store or online?

Sparks recommends trying before you buy when shopping for an upright bike. For proper fitment; When the pedal is at the lowest position, your leg should be almost, but not quite, straight. You shouldn't have to strain or rock your hips to pedal. Your knee shouldn't feel crunched when at the top of the pedal stroke.

Where can I test ride upright bikes?

You can test spin bikes out at a Sparks Fitness retail store, they have a store in Sparks, Nevada and another store in Addison, Texas. For store hours and info scroll to the bottom of this page.

Do these upright bikes have workout programs?

Yes, most bikes have fat burning programs, interval training, muscle toning, rolling hills and much more programs and app functionality.