About The Company

Starting out with a 1993 Ford F-250 4x4 pickup as our first delivery and installation truck. Sparks Fitness Equipment has come a long way. The challenging delivery conditions such as blizzards, snowstorms and windstorms the Sierra Nevada mountain range presented, has enabled Sparks to perfect and master the fitness equipment, installation and delivery process. We love to connect with all different types of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional athlete, marathon runner, competing body builder or just want looking to maintain overall health, our expert staff will be able to assist you and your fitness goals. Thanks to community support we were proud to present our newest showroom in the DFW Metro Area. Whether you are picking up a couple pieces of fitness equipment for your home, outfitting a facility or creating a garage gym; we've got you covered...

Sparks Pickup

All of our showrooms pride themselves on having a quality selection of sturdy Treadmills, Spin Bikes with apps, multitude of Rowing Machines, smooth Cable Machines, 100+ exercise Home Gyms and 1000's of products for Agility, Mobility, Recovery and much more equipment to outfit your home gym. All of our showroom staff come from various types of fitness backgrounds with accreditations from major universities in health and science fields. We want out customer to feel confident and taken care of when visiting our showrooms so that they can feel that they are finding the right machine for their needs.


For amenities and superior service you won't find just anywhere, setup a 1 on 1 appointment with us. You’ll enjoy personalized service from a dedicated fitness specialist.

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About us

Our team is 100% dedicated to fitness and you. We have a wealth of knowledge on all types of equipment to assist in helping you on your fitness journey.

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Bringing fitness to your doorstep. Our delivery team works with your equipment from opening the box, building, testing all the way to when it enters your home.

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