TUG-OF-WAR Competition!    December 16, @12pm

Winning Team Gets a Commercial VR400 Rower or $1000 In-Store Gift Certificate

Must register team below in order to participate. Additional Event details will be emailed upon registration. *

Official Tournament Rules

Tournament begins at 12pm on December 16, at Sparks Fitness Equipment 1007 Greg ST Sparks, NV 89431. All participants must be 18 year or older and must sign waiver. Teams can consist of male or female members with a combined weight not exceeding 1,200 lbs (No more than 8 team members) Teams members will be required to weigh in the day of competition. Weigh in begins at 11am, Best 2 out of 3 pulls will advance to the next level of competition. 5-minute time limit per pull. No cleats may be worn by any player. All other team members must keep the rope under the arms. Gloves may be worn. Inappropriate language will be cause for immediate disqualification.


There is a particular technique that needs to be applied while playing this game, if not then there will be a foul which can call for disqualification. For e.g. lowering your elbow below the knee level while pulling the rope is considered to be a foul and is called ‘locking’. Touching the ground for a longer period of time is also considered as a foul.


The tug of war competition requires a judge. There are 3 different commands that the judge gives to the players. The judge first announces, “Pick up the rope”, he then says, “Take the slack”, and finally he tells the players to “Pull”. Once the pull command is said out the teams start pulling the rope. If a member of the team falls down that member is given a caution. Each team is allowed two cautions before getting disqualified.

Winning Prize

Body Craft VR 400 Commercial Rower or 1000-dollar Gift Certificate